Terms of Use

  1. The multi- and unlimited licenses can be used on any number of own pages. What is relevant is that the same person / company is named in the imprint.
  2. You may use the license permanently but license resale is not permitted. The License key and code may not be disclosed.
  3. Affiliate Power has been carefully programmed and tested. It is however impossible to completely avoid software errors. I am not responsible for any damage or lost profits arising from its use. As the plugin does not change site content damage is extremely unlikely, nonetheless it has to be mentioned to preclude liability.
  4. Affiliate Power provides you with valuable information about your income. However, I can not promise that this will automatically generate higher sales. It’s up to you use the plugin information to your advantage and optimize your site accordingly.
  5. I can not guarantee that the plugin will work with every other plugin or server setting. If Affiliate Power does not work for you, you will get your money back. Please notify me within 30 days. Your license key will then be disabled.
  6. Affiliate Power is my “baby” so I intend to develop and keep it up to date for a long time. I can not promise that I will continue until the end of my life. If I cease releasing plugins you are no longer eligible for support and updates. In this case, I will either hand on Affiliate Power to someone else or release it as open source so it can be further developed by the community.